2016 Titans Road Riding

Your road bike may still be collecting dust in the garage, but the weather is getting warmer so it’s time to hit the roads!  The Titans have a full program of road riding for you so you can get in shape for spring/summer triathlons or just because you like to ride.

We will be having two rides a week:  Thursday speed work sessions and weekend long rides (normally Saturday).

The first long ride is set for Saturday April 23.

The first speed work session will be on Thursday, April 28.

We are planning on continuing both rides until mid-July, if there is enough interest from the group.  We will post a full schedule soon.


What you need to participate:

  • Current Titans and TriBC memberships.
  • A road/tri bike, pump, spare tire and levers. Please check your tires and brakes.
  • If your bike hasn’t been serviced for a long time, book one now.
  • Helmet. Mandatory. If unsure of its integrity, have it checked please.
  •  Bring water and a portable snack.
  •  Dress for the weather and bring an extra light jacket in case the weather turns.
  • You should be fairly comfortable on your road bike and capable of riding (casually) for an hour.
  • You do NOT need to be fast.  We will regroup as we ride to stay together.
  • Experience riding with a group is not necessary.


More about the Weekend Long Rides:

·         The goal is to build distance each week so you are comfortable with longer rides.

·         The first ride will start at about 30km and the goal (hopefully) is to reach 100 km, up to Whistler Olympic Park (Callaghan) and back!  The mileage will depend on the group’s ability and consensus that day.

·         Rides will typically start at 9 am and will normally be on Saturday mornings.  If it’s raining on Saturday, then the ride may get moved to Sunday morning.

·         Volker Schneider will be leading the long rides.  In addition to being a long-standing Titan, he is a very experienced triathlete and has led Challenge by Choice compu-trainer sessions.


More about the Thursday Speed Sessions:

·         The goal of these rides is to make you faster and stronger.

·         There will be a variety of workouts including intervals, hills, time trials, BRICs (bike-run) and mystery rides!

·         Roger Shirt and Laura Noaro  (both Titans) will be leading the rides.


Where to meet, what about rain, etc., etc.:

·         A Facebook post will be made a few days prior to each session with the meeting time and location.

·         We need at least 5 people to confirm (on the Titans Facebook page) that they will be attending the workout otherwise the workout may be cancelled.

·         If it looks like there will be rain, we will also likely cancel the workout as it is neither safe, nor fun.

·         For the long rides, there will be a Facebook post by 10pm at the latest the night before if the ride is cancelled.  For the Thursday sessions, we would make a post by 4pm that day.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Roger, Laura or Volker.

*At the top of this note is the proposed design of a combined run/cycling jacket for the Titans from nimblewear. A fit kit will be made available this week afterswimming both mornings and evenings, and for Tuesdays run. Jackets will cost no more than $100 though we are hopeful of a lower price point depending on the number ordered.