The Masters Swim Squad will restart on Monday October 3rd.

In short, we plan a repeat of last season.

Monday and Wednesday evenings 6pm to 7pm

Tuesday and Friday mornings 6:15am to 7:15am

Annual pass: $425 (30 spots) *same price as last year

Morning Only pass: $250 (10 spots)

Registration will open on Thursday September 1st for those who had season passes for 2015-16. You will have one week to register before we open up for new swimmers.

Here is the link to the membership page.

*MSABC membership – The Titans this season will cover the MSABC cost of every swimmer who competes at the meets that we attend as a group. The individual meet fee will still be the responsibility of each swimmer.


October 3rd – December 16th
(Christmas break: December 19- January 3 )

January 4th- April 28th
(March break: March 20-31)

*Summer and open water details next spring


ANNUAL PASS covers from Oct 3rd through April 28th .. about 100 coached sessions
$425 *same price as last season

You will need to have a current Titans membership and a current TriBC membership. As a returning member of the squad, both your Titans and TriBC memberships should still be valid through the end of this calendar year.

If you are new to the Titans, you will need to buy both memberships now. The Titans one will be valid until the end of 2017. The TriBC one will need to be renewed at the end of the calendar year.


We are going to trial a morning only pass this season – there will be 10 of these available at $250 each.


Roseline has agreed to be available for these ones:

October 15 – North Shore Masters Sprint @ Ron Andrews

November 5 – Ottermania at Watermania , Richmond

*We are awaiting details on the UBC meet

February 19 – English Bay Love to Swim meet, Vancouver

Optional Meets: These meets will be attended and coached if we have a minimum of 4 participants:

January 28 Victoria Invitational Saanich – long course

April 21-23 MSABC Championships – H2O Kelowna BC – Short Course Provinicials


‘The World is our Standard’ will be our theme this year.

2017 is a FINA Aquatic Worlds Championships year and once the standards are published, Roseline and Kelly will aim to get as many swimmers as they can to meet these standards. In 2014 we had four Titans swimmers who met the standards.


Ana Flores, Titans swimming coordinator, will be looking at placing an order. More details ahead.

Have a great season!